Behind the Scenes at Sheffield’s PlayStation VR Weekend

What a weekend! We have just got back from filming the PlayStation VR event in Sheffield and this may well be the future of gaming… It’s all about that virtual reality! I'm sure you will probably have seen all the hype online over the new #PSVR. It launches this week and PlayStation have asked us to tour the country to film all five live events which they are hosting. Every weekend we are based somewhere different - with two locations down and three to go!

Over the weekend, the crew went to Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield and we took the opportunity to grab some behind the scenes footage of what our team got up to at the event. Our job involved grabbing b-roll footage, lots of steadicam content and to catch those one liners from the public after their experience with the PlayStation VR - to show us just how much they enjoyed the game. On location we had Paul, our Creative Director, James on steadicam, Andy on the Sony FS7, Tom helping out with the vox pop and sound, and Matt editing the footage as each card was released to get it sent off to the Sony marketing team as soon as possible. Live events are always fun to capture, busy days, but lots of excitement - especially when shooting vox pops!

A lot of people often ask us about the option of filming on a steadicam and what difference it can make to a video. Well, if you’re after that smooth, slick and steady camera footage, then take a look at our little behind the scenes video where we show you live from the PSVR event how using steadicam can ramp up your video style! If you haven't been to one of the events already, Playstation VR is released on the 13th October, so do come and join Digifish for the last three events in London, Bristol and Manchester. We hope to see you soon!

Digifish specialise in video production in Manchester, Yorkshire and Leeds. Read more about our videos for events here

Posted by Friday October 14th 2016 | 12:07

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