With clients ranging from schools, colleges and universities to local authorities and education teams within museums and other organisations, we understand that there are a range of reasons for organisations to invest in education video productions.

We work with our clients to understand their needs and develop bespoke video and animation projects which are designed to educate, train, enlighten and communicate.

Target audiences can vary from children and older students to parents, staff, customers and communities. Whomever you’re trying to reach, we love to inspire and capture imaginations through our projects.

Our Approach to Education Video Productions

Whether you’re trying to create fresh perspectives, convey complex ideas or deliver a compelling message, we can help you inform your viewers and promote your organisation through education video and film. We start by identifying exactly what your objectives are and the audience you’re targeting and we prepare a proposal from there.

We understand the challenges of capturing people’s attention – especially young people. They’re either busy or distracted and they see video content everywhere they turn courtesy of the constant stream of it hitting YouTube, being shared on their social media newsfeeds and the growth in digital displays.

It’s no longer enough to expect people will be interested in your story just because it’s presented through video or animated content – they see this type of media everywhere they turn and it demands something more sophisticated, something better and something different to engage them.

We’re constantly striving to exploit emerging trends and create new approaches that will achieve the perfect educational video production. So, just to warn you, if you work with us, you are likely to hear the phrase, “Have you thought about…?”.  A lot.

Our Experience

Film and animated content can be used for education and training in a number of ways. Here are a few examples of our work:

Education & Training

We’ve worked with a number of organisations and establishments from schools and colleges to museums, workplaces and charities to provide film and animated video content that informs, demonstrates and educates.

How-to educational videos, also known as explainer videos, (often animated) are hugely popular and with good reason. Research proves that introducing audio visual stimuli and demonstrations is a much more effective teaching method in helping students retain information than lectures and reading.

And, at Digifish, we’re proud to go a step further, introducing participatory learning experiences too. As an example, we worked with History students from York St John to teach them how to make their own history documentaries. By working on a practical, fun and engaging project to produce material that will help teach others, increases average learning retention rates from 5% (typical of lecture format teaching methods) to 90% - an 18-fold increase in learning retention.

Promoting establishments & courses

We’ve worked with a number of colleges, universities, departments and national schemes to help promote their courses, establishments and programmes. This has included a lot of animated and filmed commercial content – particularly for online and cinema advertising channels.

Our work to date has seen us work for clients including King’s College; the universities in Essex, Plymouth and Newcastle and both of York’s; the Hull York Medical School; City & Guilds; The Russell Group for the national ‘Realising Opportunities’ project; and more.

Event coverage 

We have extensive experience of live event coverage and streaming in a range of sectors from music festivals to press conferences. The principle is the same – success depends on planning! We assess the venue, work out the logistics and leave absolutely nothing to chance.

Our event coverage and live streaming work within the education sector has included everything from filming lectures and presentations for use on intranets to event coverage of the Raspberry Pi Challenge for Freshers’ Week for the University of York’s Department of Computer Science.

Social responsibility 

We’re also active within our local community by providing practical film-making training courses ourselves.

We’ve worked with local councils to deliver summer programmes for children with projects such as ‘Film in a Week’ and have an award-winning relationship with York-based homeless charity, Arc Light.

Through our relationship with Arc Light, we not only provide practical and accessible courses to help improve the life chances for the individuals involved, but the end result of the videos they create help to raise the profile of homelessness issues and of the charity’s work.

The Process

As with all our projects, the first step with any education video production is to discuss your objectives.

From there we can advise you on whether film, animation or a blend of the two will be appropriate and on the most appropriate communication channels for hosting, sharing, promoting or live streaming your content.

We have extensive experience of working in every conceivable environment and, where appropriate, we can use robots or drones to film within very controlled or hazardous environments, such as research labs, to minimise any safety or occupational health concerns. All our work is fully risk assessed and identified risks mitigated through method statements.

Our Team

The highly experienced members of our in-house team can help you plan your education or training project, write a script that succinctly conveys your message and produce a finished film you’ll love - all to your budget. So give us a call on 0330 024 0082 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and prepare a no obligation proposal alternatively email our education video experts today!

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