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Branded content, promotional video, corporate video production… Call it what you will, but there’s no doubt that, when it’s done well, it works. From global corporations to sole traders, rock bands to museums, we can help produce bespoke branded video content for any purpose - to inform, instruct, persuade or entertain.

Whatever your call to action or desired result, we have the in-house skills and experience to produce film or animated branded content that works.

We love working with local companies and big bluechips alike and our award winning work has taken us up and down the UK and all over the world to film for clients in the likes of New York, Cape Town and Sydney.

Our approach to branded corporate video production

From our work with the likes of Sony, EA Sports, Aviva and Richer Sounds to independent businesses, hospitals and training companies to bands such as The Script and The Stone Roses, our approach to corporate video production is the same. We take your brand, your values and your goals and we work with you to produce a film that suits your needs and your budget.

We’re exceptionally lucky to have an amazingly talented team of people who are award-winning and true enthusiasts in their fields. They’re genuinely passionate about film production work and are constantly collaborating with each other, with clients and with creative agencies to produce innovative, engaging and inspiring film and animation content.

Benefits of branded content

Whether filmed or animated, corporate video productions are becoming an increasingly popular marketing and communications tool.

This is because video is very good at helping you meet your traditional objectives (raising brand awareness, increasing sales, reducing support enquiry rates, internal training etc), as well as helping you achieve many digital media objectives.  This could be to increase site visitor/follower numbers; extend dwell time on your site; boost likes, comments and shares; or to improve your search engine optimisation for example.

How branded content videos can be used

The video production process

We aim to make film production a straightforward and enjoyable process for our clients. From the outset, each stage of the process will be clearly defined with timescales and costs.

We offer a full corporate video company service, which means we can provide everything that you may require including script development, storyboards, motion graphics, animations, crew with broadcast credentials, voiceover artists and much more to accommodate all budgets. We can even help you with distribution if required.

Whatever your needs, we can provide you with as much or as little hand holding as you need to guide you through the process and make sure you achieve your objectives.

Our In-House Team

We’re a well-established video, film and animation production company and we’re poised and ready to help. Whatever your needs, we have the crew and all the equipment you could need to help with everything from a simple interview set up (using BBC approved equipment) to aerial or underwater photography, time-lapse, Steadicam or animation. We can even shoot to 4K quality footage if needed.

We love helping people grow their seed of an idea whether that’s to a world-class corporate video production or for a small scale project – either way it almost always begins with a simple conversation. So give us a buzz and let’s chat, visit the contact us page or call 0330 024 0082.

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