From music festivals and concerts to charity and corporate event filming, exhibitions to press conferences, our event video production team has the skill to capture the dynamism of the event while striking exactly the right tone.

Our highly experienced and professional team will work with you in the vital planning stages of your event to assess the scope and purpose quickly and effectively to ensure the best possible coverage and delivery.

Our skills and experience of event filming (including live events and capturing unscripted content) has taken us on an amazing journey from local awareness raising events to massive production worldwide tours and we’re equally adept at live streaming your coverage on the appropriate platforms to catching it all in the can for editing later.

Wherever your event is being held, for whatever reason, however you intend to distribute it and on whatever budget, we have the crew and capability to capture it. So give us a call for an informal chat to begin with and let’s take it from there.

Our Experience in Event Video Production

We have years of experience of event video productions in all shapes and sizes right up to huge scale music festivals and concerts. Our biggest event to date saw us live stream The Script’s concert at the MEN Arena on.

Cutting between shots of the performance on stage and the 18,000 fans in the stadium, our 9-strong camera crew produced what became the most watched live stream event of the year with over 170,000 people watching online.

But we’re also equally at home capturing guest speakers in a lecture theatre for a college or university’s intranet. The principles are the same. We work with you to understand the nature of the event, the audience you need to reach through the video content and the location/venue of your event.

We can then recommend an appropriate number to the crew to capture the right tone and content and discuss how best to distribute it to your audience for example through live streaming or through an edited event video production which can be hosted directly on your own website or intranet or through video-sharing websites such as Vimeo or YouTube.

This approach works, which is why our clients keep coming back. We’ve covered live events for clients of all sizes in the private, state and third sectors including bluechip corporations, the music industry, local businesses, the education sector, local and national charities and the heritage & culture sector.

Benefits of Event Filming

There are many benefits of making a filmed event production. For some clients, it’s about making sure people don’t miss anything, such as students that can’t attend a guest speaker’s lecture or employees that need to hear their global CEO’s announcement at a corporate event.

For other clients, it’s about capturing the moment and creating a media buzz such as the V Festival or a rock concert.

For others, it’s to cover a press conference to allow for broadcast media distribution such as our coverage of the reunion announcement by The Stone Roses which we filmed and shared with newswire services all over the world.

There are all sorts of reasons why people want to see and experience events which they can’t physically attend. And there are all sorts of reasons why organisations want to share those events with them. These events range from corporate communications to music concerts, university open days to charity fundraisers.

Events come in all shapes and sizes, varying immensely in nature, scale and purpose, but they all have one thing in common - they’re instant. They happen and then they’re done. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to share it, video helps you capture the moment. And there’s simply no other way to do it.

The Process

From your initial enquiry, we will work with you to understand every single detail of your event to make sure nothing is left to chance.

  • We plan for the venue taking account of the location, size, lighting and acoustics.
  • We plan how many crew members will be needed.
  • We plan for what equipment will be needed.
  • We plan for any unusual technical requirements such as filming underwater, from the air, in laboratory conditions or requiring specialist equipment such as drones or robots.
  • We make plans to mitigate the risks of any factors outside our control such as the weather and crowd behaviour.
  • We always have contingency plans.

We plan, plan and plan some more to make sure every eventuality is accounted for and we keep you informed throughout. It’s this approach that gives you peace of mind on the day that the filming of your event is in safe hands.

Our In-house Team

Our team is seriously good when it comes to event video productions.

Our understanding of the technical requirements of live filming combined with our experience of filming in unusual or highly controlled environments and the knowledge of which distribution techniques will give you the best results for your objectives mean you can trust us to give you solid advice throughout the planning stages of your event.

It’s why we’re regularly called upon to film events such as the Sony Playstation Games Event at the NEC, backstage at the BAFTAs, product launches, corporate and internal communications events, press conferences, music festivals & concerts and Paris Games Week - for which we’re the official crew for the third year running.

It’s why we get business from clients as diverse as local charities to EA Sports, museums to Mark Hill Hair.

It’s why our clients trust us. It’s why they come back to us. Again. And again. And again…

Give us a call on 0330 024 0082 and find out for yourself or email our event video experts. We’re friendly, down-to-earth and know our stuff.

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