Tremulous Hands - A full length documentary for The University of York

We are incredibly proud to have just released a recent full length documentary for the University of York and we couldn't be happier with the final result. We started the project in the summer, when we were asked to create a high-end, twenty minute long documentary titled ‘Tremulous Hands’, for the University of York. It was a really interesting story to film and produce. This UK wide production was filmed over eight days in six different locations across the country, including Leeds, Worcester, and North Shields.

The initial stages of the project were strongly focused on the script development, exploring ideas, and research. Our team were then able create a treatment / storyboard of the whole film.The documentary was written and produced with the view to be broadcast nationally, so this was taken into account at all stages. Our producer, Sarah, with over fifteen years previous experience at ITV, produced the project, seeking permission to film at Worcester Cathedral, and all other locations, as well as scripting and casting the voice-over artist. 

The documentary investigates how handwriting helps diagnose and enhance the lives of people with debilitating movement disorders. A scene with calligrapher, Michael Gullick, a historian based in London, was filmed at the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall in York, which was a fantastic location that fit the feel of this medieval style video. The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall sourced archived medieval scribes for the purpose of this documentary, which Michael explored further throughout the film. 

“The two key areas that Digifish have been specialising in for years are both Heritage and Education. When the project came along, we were excited to fuse together both these elements, well within our comfort zone. From the outset meeting with Deborah, Jane, and Jim, the team were able to fully immerse themselves in the project, as it was a really fascinating story that we were honoured to bring to life.” — PAUL BANKS, CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Posted by Frances Monday February 20th 2017 | 15:22
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